Synergies for the future projects Synergies for the future projects

Synergies for the future projects

Nr. Crt.     County               Project      Project Promoter    Grant value            (RON)     Code                     Website
1      Alba "Complex of integrated services" Pianu Pianu Commune, Alba County 1,943,931.60 lei PEC026
2     Bacau Social services development for children in risk situations Margineni Commune, Bacau County
1,043,606.00 lei PEC053
3     Bacau  Resource center for youth at risk  Bacau Social Assistance and Child Care Directorate 920,818.87 lei PET017
4      Bihor Responsible youth in a dynamic community - Education in support of effective social inclusion of young people in various situations of risk from Bihor County Bihor General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Care 1,256,938.50 lei PET049
5     Bistrita-       Nasaud  Learn with me Bistrita Municipality 902,245.00 lei PEC045
6     Brasov Highway to school Brasov County School Inspectorate
1,877,270.80 lei PEC029 
7    Bucuresti Diversity, Education, Integrated Programme Catalactica Association for Social and Economic Development and Promotion
1,131,961.71 lei PEC079
8    Bucuresti A chance for a better future for children at risk in Bucharest Centre for Educational and Sports Projects and Programmes Bucharest  
1,194,302.36 lei PEC014
9   Bucuresti Mobility and independent living for youth with disabilities in Romania Motivation Foundation 
1,285,131.60 lei PET021
10   Bucuresti  Educated today, valuable tomorrow ESTUAR Foundation
1,954,183.49 lei PET029
11   Bucuresti  Centres for Inclusive Education - Integrated services for children from vulnerable groups Save the Children - Romania
1,872,004.17 lei PEC033
12   Bucuresti  Model of integrated services for youth from rural area and from child protection system SOS Children's Villages Romania
1,212,309.00 lei PET031
13      Caras-         Severin To school, for our community! Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate  
996,879.52 lei PET070
14       Cluj A new happy world for each child with special needs Local Administrative Unit Cluj County 1,608,170.00 lei PEC025
15       Cluj Innovation through integrated actions for young people with special needs Local administrative unit - Cluj County
948,825.00 lei PET020
16   Constanta Socio-educational centres in villages Cumpana, Vinatori -Neamt and Prundeni Local Administrative Unit Cumpana Commune, Constanta County
2,269,755.05 lei PEC040
17   Dambovita Social and professional inclusion of youth people who face several risks - ISO STUD Valahia University, Targoviste 1,135,261.65 lei PET009
18    Harghita Young People for the Future – Supported Employment Harghita General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Care
909,278.00 lei PET051
19  Hunedoara Hunedoara Interactive Centre for Non-formal Education and Volunteering Hunedoara City Hall
902,301.00 lei PEC022
20      Iasi "Alaturi de voi" Foundation Romania Partnership for inclusion!
2,209,440.59 lei  PET060
21       Iasi Together for children! Iasi County School Inspectorate
1,941,844.70 lei PEC062
22  Maramures The social inclusion of children through access to education Public Service for Social Assistance, Baia Mare 2,629,413.91 lei PEC024
23     Mures Success and independence! Alpha Transilvana Foundation 1,641,244.81 lei PET042
24    Neamt Local Centre to Mobilize Local Resources for Integrated Services Destined for Children in Difficulty General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Neamt 1,176,788.00 lei PEC054
25       Olt My education, my chance for a new life! Olt County School Inspectorate
1,266,038.68 lei PET072
26   Prahova We educate the present, we build the future! Prahova General Directorate for Social assistance and Child Care 
1,613,045.40 lei PEC004
27   Prahova Socio-professional centers for youth who are at risk Prahova County School Inspectorate
2,065,582.80 lei PET079
28   Suceava  A chance for the Future-Integrated Services for Young people at risk within a Multifunctional Social Centre Suceava County School Inspectorate 2,138,248.60 lei PET056
29    Tulcea Sofia Multifunctional Centre Municipality of Tulcea
1,605,418.00 lei PEC065
30    Vaslui School makes you human being! Local Administrative Unit Vaslui County
1,863,624.71 lei  PEC063
31    Vaslui Educational and counselling program for early school leave prevention in Vaslui County Vaslui County School Inspectorate  1,269,146.22 lei PET061
32   Vrancea Re-migrant children in Vrancea County - educated, supported, counselled! Vrancea County 1,902,702.00 lei PEC028