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International Conference "Breaking the circle of Roma exclusion", October 3-4, 2017, in Bucharest - EEA Grants & RO10 Programme

The Romanian Social Development Fund as Programme Operator of the Programme RO10 – "Children...

CIVILE SOCIETY 2017 GALA. Project "Integrated Services Complex" Pianu, first prize in "Education, Education, Research"

A project funded by the RO10 Programme & EEA Grants 2009-2014, awarded within the...

International Conference "Breaking the Circle of Roma Exclusion" - postponed

The Romanian Social Development Fund announces that the international event dedicated to Roma...

Partner Identification

In order to identify potential partners from donor States, entities of Romania may consult the following sources of information:

· A database of NGOs from Norway is available here:

· Identification of partners among local and regional authorities from Norway is available on the website of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities / The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) - / EEAGrants / PARTNER-SEARCH /

· Information on potential partners among local authorities in Iceland can be searched on the website of the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities (Icelandic Association of Local Authorities)-http :/ /

In addition, entities seeking a partner from donor States / Romania, in order to submit a project in partnership under the Programme, may send to the Programme Operator, at email, a letter of intent in this regard that will contain information in English relating to organization, the project idea or program areas covered, and contact data (including the name of a person). All letters of interest received will be published on this website section.

Also, at the same e-mail, the entities from Romania and donor States interested to attend matchmaking seminars planned by the Programme Operator (seminars that bring together entities from Romania and donor States, in order to identify project partners) are invited to submit a request to this effect, and the Programme Operator will directly communicate details of the date and the goals of the match-making seminars.

Operator Program will organize matchmaking seminars only if there will be such requests from eligible entities from donor States.

Letters of intent from Romanian entities

InterCultural Iceland (ICI)

InterCultural Iceland (ICI) is an independent, non-profit company which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise and training...

Child Safety House

The Child Safety House is an Icelandic NGO that has worked with child safety or injury prevention of children for 26  years and has a wide knowledge on the following subjects: ...

The Icelandic Human Rights Centre

The Icelandic Human Rights Centre (ICEHR) is a non-governmental organisation founded on 17 June 1994 by nine organizations and institutions working in various fields of human rights. Today 14...