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100 de proiecte, peste 50.000 de beneficiari

Bilantul Programului RO10 "Copii si tineri aflati in situatii de risc si initiative locale si...

Specialisti, practicieni si activisti reuniti la Conferinta Internationala "Breaking the circle of Roma exclusion"

Conferinta Internationala "Breaking the circle of Roma exclusion" a reusit, gratie numelor...

Conferinta Internationala "Breaking the circle of Roma exclusion", un real cadru de dezbatere pe tematica incluziunii romilor

Conferinta Internationala "Breaking the Circle of Roma Exclusion" a fost un eveniment...

Bilateral Relations Overview Bilateral Relations Overview


The Programme will encourage and provide support for Project Promoters in order to identify anddevelop partnerships with similar/ relevant entities from the Donor States.

During the projects preparation, PO will provide support for the PP in Romania to meet possible partners from the Donor States by posting on the programme website the request of the potential applicants for partners from the donor countries, by covering the costs for individual meetings or by organizing joint meetings, in Romania or in the Donor States, between possible partners, based on their requests.

During the projects implementation, PO will organize trainings on specific or general themes, study visits, networking activities, aiming to facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer of  xperience and good practices in the benefit of Project Promoters, with the support of the DPP and /or relevant entities in the Donor States and will provide financial support for PPs in order to help them to organise bilateral activities themselves. For the PPs involved on the small grants scheme, it is estimated that due to their geographical and economical marginalisation, the bilateral fund shall be mainly focussed on their involvement in networking (in the implementation phase) aimed at sharing and transferring of knowledge, organised by the PO with the support of the DPP.